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Education: Sheridan College Animal Care Programme

Pets: Cats: Bentley, Ewwy, Charlie H and Zora

Sue is one of our longest standing team members and has been with us since 1989.  She is one of our Veterinary Technicians and works in our treatment area helping anesthetize and treat patients, and monitors our sick and post-op patients in the hospital ward.  Sue has loved animals since she was little girl. A visit to the veterinary clinic where her cousin worked was what finalized her decision to become a veterinary technician when she was a teenager.

Sue and her husband Brien enjoy gardening and working on their fish pond that they created together.  They are proud of their 75 fish, 5 Japanese Koi and many goldfish!  Sue also enjoys tending to her indoor aquariums that house a variety of tropical fish.  Sue has love birds and budgies that keep her cats entertained.  Sue always has cats in her home and her life.