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Pets: Cats: Flash and Flander, Siamese

Amanda is our Hospital Manager and also acts as one of our Veterinary Technicians.  Amanda started as a high school student Co-op at our clinic back in 1990.  She worked here as a student for many years and then graduated as an RN from Mohawk College.  After working in the human field for a short time, she quickly returned full time to the veterinary field as she found she enjoyed working with the furry patients more.  When she is not working in the treatment area or surgical suite with our patients (placing IV catheters, taking blood, administering and monitoring  anesthesia), she is very busy keeping our hospital organized and running smoothly.

Amanda lives with her husband Kevin, who is also an RN, and their two children, Alyssa and Cole.  She is very busy with all their activities that include travel soccer and Air Cadets.  In her spare time she enjoys working in her vegetable garden and reading.