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Euthanasia is available at our practice. This is intended for pets having poor quality of life from being sick or old. You do not need to be present and you can leave your pet with us to be “put to sleep”. However some owners prefer to stay with their furry companion “to the end” and that opportunity is available as well. We have created a ‘comfort room’ in our hospital which has a more home-like atmosphere to allow clients and pets to feel more comfortable at such a difficult time.

There are several choices for the final resting places for your pet:

  • pets can be taken home and buried there
  • there are pet cemeteries available in the area where plots can be purchased
  • cremation is done for us by Gateway Pet Memorial Services in Smithville or Guelph and their website Most owners opt for the communal cremation where pets are cremated in small groups. The ashes are then buried at a special plot at one of their Pet Cemetery, which would be your pet’s final resting place. You can have a ‘private cremation’ for an additional cost, where you will receive your pet’s ashes in a special urn, and there are many urns from which to choose. Some owners like to spread the ashes in the backyard or at the cottage and feel better having home as the final resting place for their long-term companion.

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