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Can I use Marijuana for my pets/Can my vet prescribe Marijuana for my pet?

We have had a lot of questions lately about the use of Marijuana in pets. Unfortunately at this time Veterinarians are not licensed to prescribe any form of Marijuana. We have attached a fact sheet about CBD oil, Marijuana and hemp products that may help provide some information in the mean time.

Signs of cannabis intoxication in pets can include: in-coordination, decreased or increased heart rate, mydriasis and urine dribbling. Irritation of the eyes and airway can result from exposure to smoke, and edibles may contain other ingredients that may be toxic as well (e.g. chocolate). Currently there are no approved cannabinoid products for use in animals in Canada, and there isn’t – yet – sufficient information on their effects on pets to use them safely or effectively on a routine basis. Its important for owners to contact their veterinarian if a pet is exposed to marijuana.